How it Works


Personalized Business Logos

  • Print and Web Logo Files*: 15 to 30 separate files
  • Separate files for the following Logo Components
    • Full logo with tagline
    • Logotype with tagline
    • Tagline
    • Full logo
    • Logotype
    • Logomark
  • File formats:  AI, PDF, EPS, SVG, PNG, and JPG (File Format Cheat Sheet)
  • Unlimited minor edits (color change /font size)

After you choose and personalize your logo, I will create a proof and email it to you for approval within 1-2 business days. Once you are happy with your final design, I will prepare your files and email them to you! 

If you prefer typography-only logos, Logo Evolution also offers Wordmarks, which include 11-33 file formats, separate components, including reverse color (white type).

Need business cards for your new logo? Easily upload your logo to a Zazzle customizable business card and select from a wide variety of paper and sizes.

* This purchase is for a non-exclusive premade logo. It is not a one of a kind logo and it will be sold again. This order does not include business cards.


What to Expect with Personalized Business Logos

Your business and your brand are unique, and you need a logo that represents your professional demeanor and refined tastes.  You need a logo that is attractive, timeless, and memorable, because you want the symbol of your brand to express your focus on integrity, innovation, and a dedication to being the best at what you do.

Small business logos are just as important as those used by enterprise-level organizations because they’re part of building a brand image and identity that drives perceptions and emotions.  With personalized business logos from Logo Evolution, you have the opportunity to choose a critical branding element that helps you make an impression and cultivate an audience.  Here’s what you’ll get when you partner with Logo Evolution for your personalized logo.

Branding Assets for Custom Business Logos

First and foremost, I will provide you with not only a complete logo, but the separate logo components you might need for a variety of print and digital applications.  You’ll receive the following assets in 15-30 file formats (including AI, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG):

  • Full logo with tagline
  • Logotype with tagline
  • Tagline
  • Full logo
  • Logotype
  • and Logomark

Versatile Formats and Cheat Sheets for Your Convenience

I want to make sure that once your logo is perfect, you receive it in all the formats you might need.  When you select small or mid-sized business logos, you may not yet know all the possible uses you’ll have for them, but we do, and we provide you with everything up front, including 15-30 file formats separated into logo components.

While you may have plans to add your logo to your email signature and your social media accounts, we also know that you’ll need certain formats and logo components so vendors can help you make business cards, mailers, brochures and merchandise (tees, etc.), and so designers and developers can add your logo to your website and landing pages, your blog, online advertising, and more.  Check out our handy Cheat Sheet to see the possibilities.

Branding Assets for Broad Promotion

It’s important to understand that having branding assets in the right format can mean the difference between an easy job and the hassles of converting one file type to another (potentially losing graphic quality in the process).  With a variety of personalized business logos at your disposal, you have the best opportunity to market your brand across all channels.

Unlimited Edits for Superior Outcomes

You need custom business logos that have a resounding impact.  You need logos that are attractive and compelling.  You need logos that speak to the identity behind your brand.  You need a logo that’s…you.  At Logo Evolution, we’re committed to finding the best representation of your brand, which is why we offer unlimited edits for all large, small, and mid-sized business logos.

At the very least, you’ll probably want to add it to business cards that customers can remember you by or share with family and friends.  Logo Evolution can help you here, when you upload your small business logos to Zazzle and choose the perfect paper and sizing for your particular needs.

Specialized Small to Mid-Size Business Logos

Logo Evolutions welcomes the opportunity to serve a broad range of industries with custom business logos, but we proudly specialize in small business logos for spas and salons, healing arts, crafters, florists, culinary specialists, consultants, and more.