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Skilled Business Logos

At my Zazzle store, you will find a large inventory of print-ready business cards designs with matching promotional products. Whether you are service oriented or retail, rewarding your customer's loyalty is essential to growing your business. Below is a list of curated collections of print-ready referral, loyalty cards and gift certificates that can be easily customized by you in just minutes.

Promoting Your Business Right

When building a business, there are so many factors at play. Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may have to worry about securing a quality manufacturer, hiring employees, and finding the right storefront, just to name a few. No matter what your business looks like or produces, however, creating a brand identity is a crucial step to success.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the sum total of everything you want your customers to know and understand about your brand. This includes basic facts like the name of your business and what you provide, as well as more nuanced information such as your target audience and what kind of customer service you offer.

Brand identity, when flipped around and viewed from the customer’s perspective, becomes brand image. Your brand image is how your business is seen from the outside point of view based upon combined brand identity and customer experience.

Why is it important?

An effective brand identity, and therefore a positive brand image, can truly make or break your business. Your brand is what separates you from your competition and lets your client base know that no one else is providing quite what you are, even if similar companies exist. A weak brand identity makes it extremely difficult to make your business stand out, particularly if you are one of many providing the same product or service.

Additionally, a strong brand identity implies quality and trustworthiness. When a company displays a clear and cohesive brand identity, a potential customer is more likely to assume that the company will provide a high quality product. Alternatively, when a company’s brand is unclear or seems nonexistent, a potential customer will be hesitant to establish trust in the quality of the product.

Imagery is a huge factor in the success of a company’s brand, and no image is more prevalent or important than the logo.

Professional Business Logos and Custom Branded Marketing Materials

Logo Evolution is here to assist you in establishing the perfect brand identity for your business. I specialize in providing small business logos that completely encapsulate the vibe and intention of your brand in a visual format.   A logo can’t work its magic without distribution, so I also provide customer referral cards, loyalty cards, and gift certificates.

You may choose to outsource other forms of personalized marketing materials. Some other common examples include:

  1. stickers
  2. stationary
  3. signage
  4. apparel (shirts, hats, etc)
  5. product packaging
  6. company website

Whatever other custom branded marketing materials you may seek, I can provide you with the perfect logo to make your marketing endeavors a success.

What’s in a logo?

Creating your personalized business logo can be difficult; that’s why I’m here to assist in the process with my design and marketing expertise. There are a few key factors to consider when designing your logo:

Audience. Before you even start thinking of your logo design, have your audience in mind. Are you marketing to women? Children? Members of a certain profession or lifestyle? Knowing your audience is key to designing the right logo as well as having a strong brand identity.

Intention. What is your product or service for? What exactly is it that you want to provide your customers with? Setting the intention of your business will greatly inform your logo choices.

Personality/tone. These go hand in hand with your target audience and your intention. What kind of mood do you want to set for those viewing your logo? How do you want them to feel?

Color/style. Once you have your audience, intention, and tone locked down, we can work together to design your image with the perfect color scheme and art style in mind.

For a simpler solution, you could also choose from my assortment of pre-designed logos, loyalty cards, and gift certificates. These items are customizable and are a perfectly good option for those with a simpler brand identity in mind.
Though Logo Evolution has conducted business with companies large and small, I specialize in small business logos because I truly believe that an effective logo contributes to any company’s success and I want to offer my expertise to the local businesses in my community.

Additionally, utilizing branded referral cards does wonders for boosting name recognition and implied professionalism, not to mention making good use of your logo.

Still not convinced?

When it comes to first impressions of your brand, having a logo automatically gives you an advantage over businesses without one. Additionally, the right logo will help potential customers to understand your brand in a much more profound way than just reading about your business online or seeing the name in a listing, even if the logo is typography only.

Whether you own a nail salon, offer dog walking services, or absolutely anything in between, a logo will boost your brand and improve your business. Contact me today to learn more.