Why Logo Evolution?

Why your business needs Logo Evolution

With Logo Evolution you will receive an affordable high quality, non-exclusive premade logo delivered in a neatly organized in zip file containing 15- 30 file formats for all your print and web applications. These formats will also be separated into logo components giving you increased flexibility so that you can easily access each file without having to hire a designer to separate them later.

This is a huge plus, as you will spend less time and money contacting a designer for additional files in the future.

Pretty awesome, right?

The logo is often the first line of communication a business establishes with its customers. When people scan options for services or products, they tend to think with their eyes. A well-crafted logo stands out and draws interest, especially in comparison to businesses that don’t have one.

High-quality, thoughtfully designed, skilled business logos create positive first impressions. But the meaning it conveys can go even more deeply than that. It's effective at communicating the intangibles that describe your business's personality, the thoughts that go behind your products or services. A solid logo will form a picture of what your business symbolizes to customers without having to explain it in words.

Most importantly, a logo instantly imprints your business in the mind, creating a quick and accessible association with potential customers and clients. It infers a level of professionalism about what you do and how well you do it.

Logo Evolution creates personalized business logos that describe who you are, in ways that will remain in the mind long after they're first seen. Whether it appears on social media, business cards, or on storefronts, your business, one of Logo Evolution’s custom business logos can be a quietly effective key to getting your work known.


Below is a easy to understand cheat sheet breaking down of all file formats and their usability:


Taking the guesswork out of visual branding

The Logo Evolution process is intended to make visual marketing affordable for the small companies that need it the most—and to save expenses in additional assets that may be needed in the future. We take each client's special needs under consideration right from the start to make visual branding understandable, easy, and collaborative.

Logo Evolution's easy-to-use ordering guide is a quick start to find the visual style your brand needs. We offer examples of various logo styles sorted by industry—healing arts, crafting, floral, consultants, and culinary logos are just a few of the business kinds we handle.

The Logo Evolution ordering guide helps you determine what kind of assets you need. Our step-by-step process directs you in choosing the sizes, tagline placement, typography, color scheme, and pictures that resound the most.

Personalized business logos are meant to be permanent, so Logo Evolution is dedicated to making yours as perfect as possible. We allow multiple revisions to each design aspect of your logo, and never move to final production until you're fully satisfied with the result.

Our custom business logos are delivered via zip files, in 15 to 30 different formats, for easy use in both print and web applications. Every logo is usable in visual editing software, social media accounts, and business templates. We also provide each component separately, so you can extract individual, editable parts without having to return to the designer. We turn around proofs within a couple of business days, submit to you for approval, perform free minor edits, and return the final product via email.


Below is a example of how your logo will be broken down into Logo Components:

Also offered are typography-only logos or Wordmarks, which include 11-33 file formats for print and
web applications and include reverse color (white type). These are also separated into logo components.

Below is an example of Wordmarks with Reverse Files:

What makes Logo Evolution different

A professional visual designer with years of experience and quality results, Maura produces utterly unique logo designs. Every client benefits from her keen eye and commitment and receives individual attention with frequent and clear communication.

Maura has an established, personal connection to the kinds of small businesses that stand to gain the most from a strong visual identity, but don’t always have direct access to the marketing tools larger companies have. With special expertise in creating salon logos, culinary logos, logos for spas and healing arts, and many more, Maura takes the time to understand each client’s objective at a comprehensive and sensitive level.

Making small, niche businesses stand out in a marketplace dominated by large enterprises is what Logo Evolution does best. Their custom business logos have helped hundreds of aspiring companies and individuals find a compelling visual brand—and have helped customers find them.

Logo Evolution’s dedication

Local and niche businesses struggle to make themselves known—sometimes even to friends, let alone new acquaintances. Memorability and visual association are two of the biggest tools for effectively spreading the word. Even though skilled business logos may seem like small, “nice-to-have” objects, they possess an immense ability to convey the messages new customers need to hear about.

Logo Evolution is dedicated to ensuring every business can take advantage of the creative tools they deserve. We make it easy to help refine your business’s identification and definition through compelling visuals. After you’ve had a look at all the services we have to offer, use our ordering form or contact us directly to start building your brand immediately.